Its time to do something about Frothing

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Its time to do something about Frothing
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Far back, when Warsong Commander was nerfed, the question on all forums remained: "Was the issue not Frothing OTK with Warsong?" And for me that answer was 'Yes' by the time. The fact that you would just put a few Whirlwind effects in ur deck, and that ur opponent could never load the board with minions because of this, Frothing would simply OTK for up to over 30 damage in one turn.Currently, I still see Frothing buffing up as an issue. If it would be buffing itself by -Friendly- minions damage taken, sure. But as it currently, stands, it buffs itself by +1 for EVERY minion that takes damage. As for Pirate warrior, you would just trade in ur 1/1-2/1 pirates on an early turn, and actually gain board damage from it. One of the soul reasons Pirate Warrior is able to establish board early + emense pressure from doing something that most decks should do: "smart trading." I personally think that is just disgusting, but thats just me. Doing something every deck should do, but profit almost double of it?

Please help.

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