Don't think your shoes are dirty

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Don't think your shoes are dirty
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Don't think your shoes are dirty. It's just because the way you walk is not clean. Half of it was peaceful in the earth, half in the wind, half shaded, half bathed in the sun, very silent and very proud, never looked for. If there is a future, if there is anyone who loves, I will also strive to be a lovely person. Who does not complain, who does not laugh at, who does not envy, the sun shining, running in the wind and rain, to make their own dreams, go their own way.

Created back in 2003, the Nike Mayfly cheap sale was designed purely as a race day shoe, with the aim of lasting you out for 100 km of intense pavement pounding before its life would end, much like it’s aerial counterpart which is born, breeds, and dies all within a 24 hour period. The patterned detailing on the upper continues the running theme of the ‘One Day Fly’, reflecting the textured membrane that makes up it’s wing, also accentuated by the Parachute Nylon material used for the main skin. Shoe is incredibly light.

Fashion is a game of taste.Drawing on his own experiences meditating, Nike designer Dylan Raasch took inspiration from the aesthetic simplicity and balance of Zen Buddhist gardens: the sole was inspired by steppingstones; the insole imitated the look of a freshly-raked lawn of sand; even the original “Iguana” colorway took cues from the moss found growing in and around temples. Nike Roshe low price is actually pronounced “roshi” based on the Rōshi title bestowed upon Zen Buddhist masters, but the name had to be changed for legal reasons.

As the fashion world continues to blur the lines between what is a functional running shoe and a streetstyle accessory, the Nike Air Presto, has now been swept up into sneaker culture and this global lovers obsession to running shoes into fashion. For the creative ensemble at Nike Air Presto, comfort was king. Now, at the famous silhouettes 16th birthday, it seems a truly poignant moment to reflect on this shoe’s rise to icon status.
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